My name’s Veronica Fosson. I currently live in the Aosta Valley, the bilingual (Italian – French) Italian region at the frontier with France and Switzerland where I was born 34 years ago, and I am an English teacher at a private secondary school. My school and professional life has been clearly outlined by a passion for foreign languages (particularly for German, when I was a child I pretended I read aloud and understood German magazines I found in the hotels at the Riviera where I used to spend my summer holidays!!!).

After I achieved my diploma at a Liceo specializing in foreign languages (English, German and French – in my region French is a compulsory subject starting from the first class), I spent the summer break learning for the exam on French language (C2 level of CEFR), which is required to be licensed to teach in Aosta Valley schools. As soon as I passed this exam, I started to attended English and German courses at the Pavia University. Aiming at getting into real contact with German language and culture I spent one year in Lüneburg (in the north of Germany) as an Erasmus student. A further scholarship grant allowed me to extend my German stay, so I spent a year in Konstanz where I managed to write my degree thesis on an expressionist Austrian author. Once back in Italy I graduated in February 2001 getting a first class degree (110/110 cum laude). During my stay in Konstanz I have been able to get into German life and language as I taught Italian at a private language school for several months.

After university I attended a 4 month master course in Florence specialising on the translation from German into Italian of literary works. This course ended up with the publication of the translation of the novel “Bronsteins Kinder” of the 20thcentury German writer Jurek Becker.

The following year I have been employed as Manager Assistant by an Italian company which was part of a Canadian multinational. During my 7 year long career in the company I translated (from Italian into English, French and German and vice versa) several texts on mechanical procedures and instructions as well as business procedures and account documents. I also did some interpreting during foreign customers’ visits.

I took some break from the company work when I was called for a stage at the Translation department of the EU-Parliament in Luxembourg, where I mainly dealt with the translation of documents belonging to the legal and jurisdictional area.

Looking for more and different experience, I decided to end my professional career in the above mentioned company 2 years after I managed to get to the job position of training coordinator, in charge of the company training management, and tried to put my language experience to good use entering a private secondary school as English teacher where I have been working since 2 years.

Apertis Verbis, which was born out of the initiative of my brilliant friend and colleague during university times, Emanuela Gelmini, offers the chance to fulfil an ancient dream stepping back to our stay in Germany. In fact, I will be in charge of translating from English, French and German into Italian and vice versa.