My name is Emanuela Gelmini. I live at Lake Garda, which is still today the cross - roads for tourists as ever, especially from Central, Northern Europe and United Kingdom.

As a child I was pretty curious and talkative and I grew up as a dogged reader. My interest for foreign languages arose during my classical studies at the High School, especially owing to the study of ancient Greek and Latin as well as to some lessons taken on comparative European Literature between XIX and XX Centuries. At that time I was keeping on learning English language and literature, whose study I had begun since I was a secondary school pupil.

My friendship with Natasha (Natalia Blokhina) dates back to the High School years, on occasion of a trip to S. Petersburg, when I was struck with her deep knowledge in French and Italian: since the age of 5, she had been attending the School no. 318, one of the only two existing Italian schools in the whole USSR.

In 2001 I graduated (110/110 cum laude) at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of University Pavia, by presenting a degree thesis that was written in German, a language that had been outlined in the meanwhile as my focusing foreign language.

This was basically due to a scholarship grant at University Lüneburg (Germany) as a Sokrates - Erasmus student in the years 1998 - 1999 as well as a year later as a guest student at University Konstanz (Germany) where, after carrying out several researches, I completed my degree thesis on the German Feminist Helene Lange's magazine "Die Frau" between 1893-1895.

In the two years spent in Germany I got in touch and then appreciated my University fellow Veronica Fosson, who eventually became one of the dearest friends of mine. Our more than 10 years old knowledge has pointed out that our different and at the same time complementary personalities have made our friendship stronger than ever and sympathetic as goal-aimed and hardly work-trained.

During a short employment at a steel company in 2001, I knew Mrs Karen Ramirez, whom on one hand I appreciated for the knowledge of Italian and English languages and on the other hand for her enthusiastic and positive - thinking personality, that I consider a precious gift in our profession, because of the problem solving skills that are often bound with interpreting activities.

In the same year I worked as a teacher at a local private school, where I taught Italian to American and Austrian students as well as German and English to Italian native speakers.

In 2002 my experience in the real estate properties market properly started, at the beginning as an interpreter, then as a real estate agent by the estate division of a well-known bank group based in Germany, at which I worked as its representative for Italy and at the same time either as an agent or a consultant for its customers from the German speaking area. Until 2004 I took part to real estate properties exhibitions in Germany, where I shew my skills as an interpreter, whereas a direct keeping in touch with customers from abroad lasts till today.

In an episode related to Lake Garda, which appeared on TV in Great Britain on December 11th 2003, I was invited by Channel 4 to present and describe in English my estate properties portfolio on the broadcast  "A Place in The Sun".

On 18th October 2007 I took part as main speaker in the conference, entirely held in German language, concerning the rights and rules in real estate matters in Italy, which was dedicated to a group of guest students from the university Institute Europäische Immobilien Akademie in Saarbrücken (Germany).

In fact it is in the real estate field that I have been mostly working as an interpreter and a translator as far as English and German into Italian is concerned and vice versa, in the last years  also thanks to partnership agreements  with some notaries practising in Brescia and Verona areas. Thus I   succeeded in specialising my translations in purchase contracts, easement establishments, donations, general or special powers of attorney, legal and fiscal documents, successions and heritances ecc.

So the idea of working as a real estate agent and at the same time as an interpreter and translator came true, on one hand as a result of a more and more growing activity in partnership with notaries and on the other hand as a result of the multicultural environment of Lake Garda area, where I currently live .